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One-click software to convert audio to MP3

Looking for multiformat converter that converts to MP3? Try One-click Convert to MP3 program which provides both functionality and true 'one-click' simplicity in one powerful small tool. This MP3 converter takes just seconds to download and install, it adds "Convert to MP3" option to the Windows right-click menu providing really quick 'one-click' start. You just click on music files, folders and disks containing audio files to convert to MP3. It is possible to select different format files as a source, One-click Convert to MP3 will find them in the selected folders and convert automatically to MP3 files. Thus you may convert your entire collection to MP3 in just a click of mouse. WAV, WMA, FLAC, APE, OGG formats are supported as a source.

How to convert to MP3?

It's simple to convert any audio files to MP3. First download and install One-click Convert to MP3 program. Then select audio to convert right in your Windows Explorer. Or use My computer to do it. Right-click selected audio to invoke a menu and click "Convert to MP3" item. That's it! You can also use one of our one-way single format converters like OGG MP3 or APE MP3 converters to encode certain audio format to MP3 in one-way. See even more converters below!

You may select and right-click folders and discs containing audio files and convert them all to MP3 at once. Just try One-click Convert to MP3 and feel how easy to convert your audio!

How to convert MP3 into different formats?

One-click Convert to MP3 is a 'one-way' converter, which means it can convert any audio files into MP3s. If you need to convert MP3 into some different format use One-click Audio Converter which is more powerful tool supporting all-ways conversions. This audio converter works exactly in the same manner as 1-click Convert to MP3 but includes more conversion options.

Batch conversion with One-click Convert to MP3 tool

Convert to MP3 is a powerful batch converter supporting not just audio files but also folders and discs. You're able to convert any selection to MP3, a mix of folders, files and discs even from different locations. Due to its unique interface One-click Convert to MP3 allows you make any conversions in one mouse click, no matter how many files or audio folders you selected.

Convert various sources to MP3 in a click

With full support of MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC and APE files One-click Convert to MP3 can take any source files and convert them to MP3. It automatically recognizes audio format and make all required conversion to turn it into MP3. So you may select various audio files from different sources and convert to MP3 at once.

Tuning MP3's quality

You may set your own bitrate for output MP3 files or pick one of presets with One-click Convert to MP3. Choose among Low, Medium, High presets when convert to MP3 if you're not sure about bit-rate. One-click Convert to MP3 also provides advanced options such as mono/stereo mode, CBR/VBR switcher and others.

Convert to MP3 software features

- Convert WAV to MP3
- Convert WMA to MP3
- Convert FLAC to MP3
- Convert OGG to MP3
- Convert APE to MP3
- Supports batch MP3 conversion
- Convert audio folders to MP3
- Convert whole disks to MP3
- Sort converted MP3s in folders by Artist and Album

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